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Bee Wax Candles

Bee Wax Candles

Pure wax candles were almost commonplace in the past; nowadays however, they tend to be rare to come across, as it takes some kind of bravery to go in the market with such a product.

Many reasons advocate against this practice: the procedure is tedious, handmade and basically a lot more expensive, as compared to paraffin candles. In addition, please consider, there is even a central stock exchange market for raw pure wax in Germany.

Bee wax melts when heated and the prepared pure wax wicks are immersed into it repetitiously, until the desired thickness is reached.

Due to Greek state regulations for inspection, the wicks of pure wax candles must be painted yellow, however, this often causes problems in burning the candles, particularly when the paint is not completely dried out (not rare when painted in the winter) which in its turn causes a slightly crackling flame.

Pure wax candles are pliable and we can gradually train them so that we bend them. In the old times, that could not be done with paraffin candles and it was proof for genuineness. Today, however, with the rise of technology and the use of artificial substances, one can imitate both pliability and aroma in paraffin candles as well, therefore many consumers are deceived.

Bee wax candles are a quality product that burns slowly (slower than paraffin candles), smoothly and, provided there is no breeze around and the flame does not flap on the wick, it will not give off smoke.

Lately, the yellow bee wax candles can go through a bleaching procedure and thus turn whitish. This compliments their use as Easter candles and also in all feasts of our Theotokos.

Our shop has a long tradition of over a century in the making of real handmade quality bee wax candles, as our clientele consists mainly of priests who use the candles to light up the altar and the churches in general where smoke, that blurs hagiographies, should definitely be avoided. Being loyal to our history, we stick to this old tradition and resist the sirens of easy profit and deception.