Aromatic Substances

Handmade Incense

Χειροποίητα Μοσχοθυμιάματα-Handmade Incense

With the rise of technology and digital era, many tutorials in you tube teach us on any subject that may be of our interest. One of these is the making of handmade incense.

The procedure involves the basic material, which is the resin of the Boswellia tree, the aromatic essence and the magnesia carbonate, presented extensively in the tutorial videos.

The big difference though lies, on the one hand in the quality of the resin and on the other and most important, in the essences and the right procedure.

One safe way of inspecting the quality of the incense, apart from the quality of the aroma, is that by the end of burning, the residue has to be minimal and, also, the absence of a bitter charcoal smell.

According to our Orthodox tradition, the monks who devoted their lives to our Lord and made the first incenses, meant to burn in the feasts of Christ, Virgin Mary and our Saints, were passing over those prescriptions as well as their blessing to their followers, so that incenses burnt in churches carry on this succession.

By all means we can make our own incense and burn it privately, however, we should bear in mind that incense intended to burn in churches should derive its origin from people who are called myrrhepsos (perfumer, a title of honor) who have that special knowledge and the blessing from their mentors.

Myrrhepsos who has the blessing, the knowledge and has acquired high standards in the quality of the prescriptions, produces different and exclusive scents for each ecclesiastical instance.

Incenses acquiring their scents directly from colorful flowers are named Despotal Incenses and burn in churches in all Christ’s feasts.

Incenses acquiring their scents exclusively from white flowers are named Mother of God Incenses and burn in churches in all Virgin Mary’s feasts.

Incenses with aromatic compositions are named Paternal Incenses and burn in churches in all feasts of our Saints.
These are compositions of essences from Holy Fathers of the Church over the centuries of Orthodoxy. Each father devoted it in his own way and so we do not have the information where the composition was devoted to. That is why each Myrrhepsos is trying to go close to the essence of the prescription, and all compositions differ.

In our collection of superb incenses, made by myrrhepsos with the blessings from their mentors, meant to expand with time, you will find all the above properly organized.

As for the excellent quality, you will realize all our incenses are fully burnt and will not give off that bitter charcoal smell by the end of burning.
We are very happy to offer this premium quality and wish you enjoy it too, very soon.