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About Us

Welcome to our company. We would like to thank you for your interest in our work.

Our company reproduces prints, gilded prints, silkscreen and other items on byzantine and neoclassical icons. We consider ourselves as being the leading company in our field, worldwide, since our collection comprises of infinite hagiographic themes, all in full colour, in excellent quality, artistic and reproductive, and in a wide range of sizes too.

Our long-term co-operation with the largest hagiographic ateliers of Greece guarantees quality in our reproductions, with Mount Athos and Patmos being our main and continuous source in prototypes. Moreover, our co-operations extend to a large number of ateliers, monastic or secular, wherever talent and artistic approach may flourish. This, results in a multitude of themes, proliferating through time, setting a feat unparalleled worldwide, that makes us truly thankful to all our hagiographers, for their constant preference.

We have set our standards high, on reproductive techniques, as well. Our prints withstand severe stress, as craftsmen work on them with varnishes and chemicals, and pass the test by merit.

We do our best to cover a demand in sizes too. Most prints come in all small to regular sizes [up to A4], and favorites go up to double, triple, quadruple this size, and more. We are sure to cover the most particular needs in this aspect too.

We distribute worldwide, on wholesale and retail terms. Reach out for our fully illustrated printed set of catalogues too, which depicts the beauty of our collection. It contains all the information you need to know on images, catalogue numbers and sizes available.

Additionally, within our premises we make use of the latest technology in photocopying techniques. Our last generation photocopy machine and our latest six-colour, state-of-the-art, digital plotter make any enlargement available in a couple of minutes, in excellent quality and in a wide range of materials too: paper, mat or glossy, cotton canvas, banner, backlit film are only a few of them and the most often in demand.

We shall do our best to be of good service, and we thank you for your kind attention to all this.

The publishers,
Athens, Greece

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