Religious Icons

Canvas Wall Covering in Churches

Επενδύσεις Αγιογραφιών σε Τοίχους Εκκλησιών

Greek land is abundant with churches, many of which are not metropolitan or parochial, but rather on the local smaller side.

Additionally, many pious Christians build their own small church in their private property. It is, often, hagiographers who undertake the project of the internal wall paintings.

However, many of these small churches remain void of these decorations, most probably for the lack of money.

This project was for many years a big challenge, but not anymore in our contemporary times.

Today, digital printing of large size canvasses depicting hagiographies that can be mounted directly on plastered walls is relatively simple task. Just like the painter working at the atelier on a canvas and following up with the mounting on the walls, instead of painting, we print in vivid colors these hagiographies on canvas and follow up likewise.

However, it is not easy to find high resolution large digital files of images of Saints that can be printed satisfactorily in large scale. There are many files on the internet, but these are low resolution and totally inappropriate for an enlargement.

Another challenge is, these files should provide some uniformity so that these holy images can stand one next to the other in a natural way.

Our company has all the answers and we are able to meet with all those requirements, since we posses over 2000 various religious images, with more than one options to almost all Saints with basic names, all in high resolution and size. Our studious work incorporates all holy images in uniformity, with same backgrounds, equal heights and, where needed with decorative borders.

Just before mounting, it is wise to lightly scrape the walls so that they are completely smooth and apply primer which will prevent humidity in the interior.

As for the glue, the paint shop would suggest the most appropriate. Most commonly it is atlacol lightly diluted with water.

When mounting, we let canvasses stand for a day or two, until completely dry (depending on the air humidity) then we apply varnish on top so that we protect the surface from dust, dirt, mites, humidity etc.

With this approach we cover the naked walls with the colors and the beauty of hagiographies in no time and at a very reasonably price, too.