Religious Icons

Your Own Saints, Your Own Unique Icon

Ιησούς Χριστός-Η δική σας εικόνα

Often enough there is a special intimacy between the people and particular Saints who have risen to become a spiritual light house to their lives.

A certain dream where a sacred image visited them, a kind of miracle where they recognise divine intervention, a coincidence that can’t be, are incidences indicating the approach of a holy image to their lives.

People often feel they have a Saint who protects them, or certain social groups consider a particular Saint as their patron (Saint Nicholas protects mariners , Archangel Michael our Air Force, Saint Nicephoros the Leper our good health from infections, etc) or our birth name creates a strong relevance with same name Saint.

In many cases, people search for images of Saints, whose names their family members bear.

Naturally, many people look for images of those Saints, which are, of course, solely depicted.

Today, with the rise of technology and graphic arts, we can offer customised service and incorporate many holy images in one unique icon. It is not our intention just το line up images one next to the other (although this could be the case) but to create a decorative, aesthetic environment where the images of the requested Saints would surround, say a central image of Christ, or Virgin Mary with Christ, as a token of piety.

Your Own Saints, Your Own Unique IconThe making of such an image is customizable and will reach a final stage after our advice as well as the customer’s suggestions.

Subsequently, we print the image and follow up with the making of the wooden icon in the desirable size.

Surely, such a uniquely customized icon will offer great joy, primarily to us who design it and of course to the people involved who possess it. May the Saints’ blessings and God’s grace be with them always.

Alternatively, you may have practically infinite choices on wooden icons just by clicking “Arrange Icons